AML/CTF and fighting financial crime now need to be at the top of every firm’s agenda. Apart from the risk of financial loss itself, regulatory sanctions - which include criminal penalties, and adverse publicity are highly damaging to any business and career threatening to individuals.

Trading Compliance are specialists in the AML CTF regulation area and we can provide a complete service to your firm including:

  • The review of your business operations to help you determine your customer due diligence criteria to then draw up AML & CTF Policies and Procedures which will meet your business protection and regulatory requirements;
  • The implementation of those policies and procedures and provide ongoing AML training and assessment of your management and staff to ensure that they fully understand the legal requirements on them and your firm and the procedures and controls that are in place;
  • Ensuring that your policies and procedures are updated and reviewed when changes occur in regulation of the firm’s business;
  • Sanctions compliance, which is an ever increasingly complex task requiring dedicated resource and procedures, helping you to structure your business to meet the demands of sanctions compliance on a daily basis, prevent sanctions infringements, have checklist procedures and give advice on sources of information to keep you up to date on changes in policies and rules;
  • Carry out regular assessments to check that policies and procedures are being adhered to, are operating effectively and sufficiently, and that staff completely understand the firm's - and their own - money laundering prevention obligations;
  • Help your Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) to monitor compliance and carry out reviews;
  • Assist your MLRO with the at least annually required report to your board including an opinion on AML compliance; a description of how your firm has tested the effectiveness of its AML controls and an assessment of money laundering risk faced by the firm;
  • Help advise your MLRO on how and when to report a suspicion to the relevant local government agency and how to act having made a report.
Anti-bribery and Corruption

It is obligatory for firms to have a robust anti-bribery and corruption regime with procedures in place to proactively prevent bribery and corrupt practices. We can help:

  • Design procedures appropriate to your organisation;
  • Train senior management and staff on those procedures;
  • Review the effectiveness of the implementation of its procedures;
  • Develop your organisation’s Anti Bribery & Corruption risk assessment.

Risk Assessments

Where your firm might discover shortfalls in its financial crime prevention practices, or deficiencies are brought to the your attention by your auditors or from a regulatory inspection, we can help

  • Conduct a past business review
  • Review files and documentation
  • Identify exposures and recommend processes to monitor them