Our People

Jude Bahnan

Founding Director

Jude is a founding Director of Trading Compliance and has over twenty years of experience in the compliance industry, having worked as both regulator and practitioner.

Jude started his City career with the large US brokerage house EF Hutton in 1981 in the Operations Department and quickly moved up to Operations Manager where he was responsible for settling equities, bonds, futures, options and foreign exchange transactions. In 1989 he joined the AFBD and stayed through the transition to the Securities and Futures Authority (forerunner of the FCA). He has been a consultant since 1997 and specialises in advising firms active in the Retail Derivatives sector including forex, CFDs and spread betting. He also has significant experience in the Payments sector, advising on the UK Payment Services Regulations and also E-money.
Jude sits on the Authorisations Committee of the UK Association of Compliance Consultants (“APCC”) which works closely with the FCA Permissions Department. He also sits on the Executive Committee of the Association of Foreign Exchange and Payments companies (“AFEP”) where he is responsible for FCA Liaison.

Kevin Taylor

Founding Director

With both a legal and accounting background, Kevin has been involved with compliance and regulation for over 25 years and is a founding Director of Trading Compliance.

Having started his career in the Audit Commission he moved into financial services regulation in 1986, joining FIMBRA at its formation as an SRO before moving to be a Senior Compliance Manager at the AFBD, the regulator for the derivatives industry which later merged to become the Securities and Futures Authority (forerunner of the FSA and FCA) where Kevin was responsible for the regulation of 100 firms including several retail derivatives brokers. He left to become COO and Compliance Manager at City Index Limited for five years and in 1997 became a founder director of Trading Compliance Limited. From 1998 to 2007 he was CEO of three retail derivatives brokers, founding two of them and has held CF1, CF3, CF10 and CF11 roles. .
In 2009 he became a founder and CEO of Star Financial Systems to provide a specialist front, middle and back office software system for the industry. Having established regulated operations throughout Europe and in Australia, Kevin has had involvement with several international regulatory agencies.

David Dudeney

Technical Specialist

David started his City career in 1987 in the back office of a major international bank soon moving into the front office where he spent several years as a derivatives trader.

In 1997 he moved into regulation, joining the Securities and Futures Authority which later became the Financial Services Authority (forerunner of the FCA) where he was responsible for the relationship management of a broad spectrum of regulated firms. In 2007 he returned to the industry side where he has held CF1, CF3, CF10 and CF11 roles in derivatives trading and investment management businesses.
David has an in-depth understanding of the client money rules and regulatory capital requirements and their connection with the risks faced in the financial markets. Recently he has been assisting our clients with the implementation of CRD IV and COREP.

Clare Bonnick

Senior Associate

Clare is a qualified CIPFA accountant, has specialised in compliance and regulation for over 20 years and has a solid understanding of the FCA rules.

Having started her career in the National Audit Office, she moved into financial services regulation in 1989 joining the AFBD, one of the then recently formed SROs which later merged to become the Securities and Futures Authority (forerunner of the FSA and FCA) where Clare was in charge of Corporate Authorisations. Since that time, Clare has held CF10 and CF11 roles at stockbroking and wholesale firms, as well as working for nine years in consultancy.
Recent consultancy work has included advising hedge fund and private equity clients on day-to-day regulatory matters as well as advising on the implementation of longer term initiatives such as AIFMD. Clare has also carried out an number of AML and regulatory audits for clients active in the payment services and e-money sectors.

  • "Trading Compliance helped our group obtain FCA authorisation in the UK and continue to advise us on compliance matters. We consider them our trusted partner and highly recommend them."

    Ting Ji

    AETOS Capital Group